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Maithean Professional Services:
Assessment, Planning, Design & Implementation Services
to Secure Your Information Infrastructure

To maximize the return on your security investment, you need to obtain a clear sense of your security vulnerabilities and how the potential solutions will impact your information and security infrastructures.  Maithean's Professional Services provides the expertise needed to assist you in assessing these options and their trade-offs, as well as the ability to assist you in the design and implementation of a solution that is aligned with your business objectives. 

Our team of senior engineers work with your stakeholders to tailor our services to reflect your application-specific needs as well as your time and resource constraints.  Our team has a proven track record in designing and implementing scalable high performance web services based information management and transaction applications that maintain the highest level of end-to-end security.  Our expertise includes multi-factor authentication using hardware, software and biometrics; secure PKI based message level transport; encrypted data storage; self-authenticating tamper evident software modules; key management; and DRM.  In addition to our proprietary technology, our engineers are experienced with a wide variety of third party hardware and software products commonly used in the deployment of secure mission critical enterprise class systems including transaction processing monitors, application servers, and database management systems using Java, J2EE, J2ME, C++, C#, .Net in Windows, Unix and Linux environments.  

There are many aspects of a secure information infrastructure.  Maithean specializes in application and data level security.  To this end, Maithean employs proven state-of-the-art analysis, design, development, encryption, authentication, key management, and data management methodologies to ensure that the application and its data are secure, i.e., not vulnerable due to problems in the design or implementation of the application.  However, this by itself cannot ensure the security of the "system".  Other factors such as intrusion detection, virus detection, network access (e.g., firewalls, load balancers), system operations, physical access control, personnel access control, policy management, and auditing as well as other system level software components (e.g., operating system, and  database), must be considered in the security of the system.  Maithean works with your in-house security managers as well as third-party vendors to ensure a seamlessly integrated secure "system".

  • Strategic planning - developing an information-centric security strategy.

  • Analysis and design services - analyze, identify, and design a solution tailored to your business objectives and constraints.

  • Implementation and integration services - ensure a smooth, timely deployment integrated with your existing infrastructure.

  • Custom development services - address specialized enterprise security requirements.

  • Training services - prepare your people to exploit the functionality of security technology.

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