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SecureTranz™ is an application development platform that enables companies to rapidly deploy secure web services based transaction and information systems.  SecureTranz is the platform of choice for secure portal or enterprise class applications.  Unlike other web services or transaction platforms, SecureTranz provides an integrated security, identity management, transaction, and messaging infrastructure.  Its self-contained PK based security infrastructure provides true end-to-end (application, transport, and data storage) security with strong authentication, privacy, integrity and non-repudiation.  Its Transaction Manager manages transaction queuing, load balancing, work-flow, distribution, routing and recovery.  Its distributed server architecture provides scalable fault tolerant 24x7 operation.  SecureTranz based applications and services can be securely accessed from PCs, PDAs, cell phones and other network enabled devices. 

SecureTranz employs a multi-tier client-server architecture that incorporates iKP based secure messaging. All user interaction occurs through NetPay Application Clients (NACs).  NACs generate all transaction requests and manage the presentation of the resulting transaction responses to the user.  The NetPay Application Servers (NASs) receive and process all transaction requests and generate the responses to the NACs.  NAS operations are distributed across Front-End Processor (FEP) and Back-End Processor (BEP) modules.  FEPs are object based application servers that employ an object- based transaction manager, SecureTranz. 

SecureTranz object specific processing includes cryptographic processing (message identification, encryption, decryption, validation and authentication), transaction management (decomposition, state and temporal management, and rendezvous), and garbage collection. BEPs are sophisticated database engines that perform all persistent data storage operations including data warehousing and data augmentation functions.  Commercial database products are supported in the BEP.  The FEP and BEP modules can be replicated across multiple computers to enhance system performance, availability and security.  NetPay's embedded cryptographic engine, NetPay CSP, supports a variety industry standard public key and symmetric key based secure messaging and encryption mechanisms.  The system's integrated digital certificate management system, NetPay Certificate Manager, provides X.509v3 based user authentication, role based access control, and iKP based secure messaging between system components.  In addition to software based cryptography, the system supports hardware based cryptographic acceleration as well as token and hardware based key storage and management. 



The SecureTranz Certificate Manager (ST/CM) provides for the viewing and management of SET and other X.509 certificates in the NetPay system.  It also provides optimized certificate path validation of all certificates embedded in a certificate chain.  It supports the CAPI2.0/CSP interface standards with special extensions for SET.  The ST/CM can be used to create X.509 certificates such as those used for authentication and access of NetPay and PCA client applications.  It can function as either a standalone or embedded application. 



The SecureTranz Cryptographic Service Provider (ST/CSP) is an embedded cryptographic engine that supports all NetPay and PCA applications.  It is fully compatible with SET and the Microsoft CAPI/CSP standards.  The ST/CSP supports multiple key containers with each container having independent access control and key encryption.  In addition to providing cryptographic services to the NetPay calling applications, the ST/CSP certifies the integrity and access rights of the calling application prior to providing service.  The ST/CSP is fully integrated with CryptoSwift™, the high performance cryptographic accelerator from SafeNet Rainbow Technologies and leading RSA based smartcards. 


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