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NetPay Gateway is a comprehensive payment gateway product that enables credit card processors to integrate and manage SET and non-SET based Internet transactions into the existing payment infrastructure.  The system processes and translates payment transactions between the Internet (in SET and non-SET message formats) and the existing host processing system. It supports processor specific ISO8583 protocols as well as emerging protocols such as SET and digital cash.  Both host and terminal based electronic data capture is supported. NetPay includes a variety of secure Web enabled applications for customer service, administration, and reporting.  The customer service application is a comprehensive call center for the tracking and management of all transaction events including customer profile, split shipment, credits, and chargebacks. 

NetPay Gateway utilizes a distributed multi-tier client-server TP architecture which sets a new standard for performance, reliability and scalability.  Users interact directly with NetPay Application Clients (NACs).  NACs generate secure transaction requests and present the resulting transaction response.  All transaction requests are processed and managed by NetPay Application Servers (NASs).  NASs are multi-threaded applications that perform all message, cryptographic, and application business logic processing.  NASs also provide all transaction management and associated interaction with NetPay Resource Managers (NRM). NRMs are database management and host systems that perform all persistent data storage, data augmentation, data warehousing, and external transaction functions. NACs, NASs and NRMs can be distributed and/or replicated across multiple computers. 

Secure messaging and data storage is provided via SSL and ikp based protocols.  The NetPay CSP provides the cryptographic processing for all public key and private key operations.  The NetPay Certificate Manager maintains, validates and manages all X.509v3 based certificates.  The NetPay CSP supports S/W and H/W based cryptographic acceleration, S/W and H/W based key storage, and smartcard tokens.  NetPay applications employ a runtime based PKI authentication mechanism for access control and tamper evidence.  NetPay is compatible with industry standard web servers, database management systems, transaction processing monitors, and catalog/content management systems. 


Credit Card Payment System

  • Integrated POS support for card present and MOTO 

  • Full SET v1.0 support including SET extensions and JPO 

  • Transaction Viewer/Manager 

  • Batch Viewer/Manager 

  • Full EDC with virtual HDC and TDC based settlement support 

  • Stand-in authorization with negative file, positive file and account balance support 

  • Enhanced fraud control and transaction tracking via optional plug-in module 

  • Loyalty program support via optional plug-in module 

  • Private label credit card support via optional plug-in module 


  • Integrated certificate management with chain validation 

  • Secure key storage and management (hardware and/or software based) 

  • User authentication, role based access control, and secure messaging between gateway client and gateway server via iKP protocol using X.509v3 certificates 

  • Fully integrated with cryptographic hardware including CryptoSwift from Rainbow Technologies and leading smartcards 

Compatibility & Standards Compliance

  • Compatible with all SETv1.0 compliant applications and services 

  • Communication - ISO8583, VAP, OFX, TCP/IP, HTTP/MIME, COM, SSL, ASN.1, XML 

  • Cryptography - DES, RSA, OAEP, AES, RC4, CAST, CDMF, MD5, HMAC, X.509v3, CAPI/CSP, PKCS-7, PKCS-11, PC/SC 

  • Database - Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC, JDBC, OCI, XA 

Other Features 

  • Intuitive user interface across all applications 

  • Supports internationalization including multi-byte foreign languages and JPO. 

  • Integrated secure transaction management system - SecureTranz™ 

  • Secure messaging and API interfaces provide extensibility and integration support 

  • Distributed multi-tier client-server TP architecture for high availability and scalability 

  • Extensible object based platform with exposed API 

Supported Platforms 

  • NetPay Application Client (NAC) - Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Vista  

  • NetPay Application Server (NAS) - Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista  

  • NetPay Resource Manager (NRM) - Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Unix 


The NetPay is an OEM product that is licensed to CSP's, ISP's, ISV's and financial institutions.  NetPay application source code and the NetPay SecureTranz development environment is available under separate license.  Contact your Maithean sales representative for licensing options and pricing.  

Maithean, NetPay, Personal Commerce Assistant, PCA, SecureTranz, Fusion/C++, and Fusion/J++ are trademarks of Maithean.  All other company, product, and brand names are trademarks of their respective owners. 

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