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Personal Commerce Assistant™ (PCA™) is a unique information and transaction system that enables users to securely and conveniently access their personal or corporate information and conduct transactions anytime, anywhere, from any Internet enabled device.  The system combines the functions of an eWallet, Personal Information Assistant (PIM), and Intelligent Assistant.  The system's SecureTranz based thin-client architecture eliminates the data security, synchronization, and storage problems associated with accessing and storing sensitive information across multiple devices (PC's, PDA's, cell phones, set-top boxes, kiosks, etc.)  Its secure thin-client architecture and optimized multi-device user interface makes it the ideal solution for m-commerce and t-commerce.  

SecureTranz™ is an application development platform that enables companies to rapidly deploy secure web services based transaction and information systems.  SecureTranz is the platform of choice for secure portal or enterprise class applications.  Unlike other web services or transaction platforms, SecureTranz provides an integrated security, identity management, transaction, and messaging infrastructure.  Its self-contained PK based security infrastructure provides true end-to-end (application, transport, and data storage) security with strong authentication, privacy, integrity and non-repudiation.  Its Transaction Manager manages transaction queuing, load balancing, work-flow, distribution, routing and recovery.  Its distributed server architecture provides scalable fault tolerant 24x7 operation.  SecureTranz based applications and services can be securely accessed from PCs, PDAs, cell phones and other network enabled devices. 

NetPay™ is a family of portal class payment solutions for issuers, processors, and commerce service providers.  The system provides an open and extensible payment processing platform that supports existing as well as emerging standards.  The system supports traditional credit and debit card processing via SSL, SET, SecureCode, 3D Secure, ISO 8583 and XML.  Its SecureTranz based core makes it the platform of choice for the development of new electronic check, digital cash, micropayment, and payment aggregation services.  Its PK based security infrastructure provides end-to-end transaction security from transport through data storage.  Its distributed architecture provides scalable fault tolerant 24x7 system operation.  The NetPay virtual wallet and mobile payments module provides secure and easy to use m-commerce payment functionality from any device - PC, PDA, cell phone, kiosk, or set-top box.  NetPay systems include a comprehensive suite of backoffice applications for customer service, monitoring and system administration operations. 

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