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Information Assistant

Maithean's Information Assistant (IA™) is an Internet enabled information management system that your customers and employees will value, trust, and use everyday.  It provides users with secure, convenient, and instant access to their personal or corporate information.  With IA, users can securely access their information and conduct transactions anytime, anywhere, from any Internet enabled device

IA provides a suite of on-line information, commerce, and convenience applications that empower its users.  Its application suite includes a PIM (Personal Information Manager), eWallet, online privacy manager, and an intelligent information assistant that automatically fills forms and manages passwords and logons to third-party sites and services.  Its applications can be securely accessed from any Internet or Intranet enabled PC, PDA, cell phone, set-top box, or kiosk.  Its intuitive user interface insulates users and operators from the complexities associated with the system's underlying advanced technology. 

IA's unique PKI enabled thin-client architecture provides security, availability, ease-of-use, and functional capabilities not available in other on-line or off-line information management system.  With IA, all user data is stored on a secure professionally managed server.  No user data is maintained on the client device.  This eliminates the need for users to synchronize data between various devices and makes the system immune to "data loss" caused by lost, stolen, or failed client devices.  This also makes IA highly portable across disparate devices, even those with limited computational or storage capacity such as PDAs or cell phone cells.  Its transaction architecture allows rapidly changing data to be the instantly shared between any number of authorized users.    

IA's SecureTranz™ based architecture seamlessly fuses an end-to-end PK based security infrastructure with a multi-tier distributed transaction architecture to provide the highest levels of security, data integrity, availability, and scalability.  Its multi-tier distributed server architecture provides scalable 24x7 fault tolerant operation.  Its PK security infrastructure provides true end-to-end security with user and device level authenticated access control, encrypted data transport, data integrity, and encrypted data storage.  Its PKI based tamper evident software mechanism actively protects its client and server software modules from hacker and virus attacks.  Its PK infrastructure is fully self-contained (i.e., no third party services are required) and transparent to users and the system operators.  IA supports client based token and biometric user authentication as well as server based HSM for cryptographic isolation, acceleration, and secure key management. 

With IA, all access control, authentication, and encryption are controlled by the system’s embedded PK infrastructure.  Passwords are never transmitted between system components or otherwise used for authentication.  The system provides for secure compartmentalized management of data based on ownership and usage class.  Security is further enhanced by sophisticated key management techniques involving key splitting and aggregation as well as multiple levels of encryption.  IA respects and protects the privacy of its users.  Data specified as “User Private Data” is encrypted with a key available only to the data owner and is maintained by the system as opaque encrypted data that is unreadable by the system or any system operator. 

IA is a comprehensive self-contained solution for ASP, CSP, and enterprise business deployment.  The system is easy to deploy and operate.  It enables businesses to increase revenues, reduce costs, enhance security, minimize fraud, strengthen brand, and extend their relationship with their customers.  Its comprehensive back-office application suite includes a Customer Management System and System Management Center.  Its SecureTranz™ based open system platform enables the rapid development of new PKI enabled services and facilitates integration with existing banking, EBPP, and B2B services.    


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