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Personal Commerce AssistantT

Personal Commerce Assistant (PCAT) is a new class of on-line information system that you will value, trust, and use everyday.  PCA enables you to securely and conveniently access your information and conduct transactions anywhere, anytime, from any Internet enabled device - PC, PDA, cell phone, set-top box, ATM.

PCA provides a powerful suite of on-line information and commerce applications.  The system includes an eWallet for completing financial transactions and managing receipts, an Intelligent Assistant that manages your passwords and fills your forms, and a Personal Information Manager (PIM).  The PIM includes a contact manager, date book, task manager, and note manager. The PIM can send schedule reminders to you via email and SMS.

Unlike other systems, PCA is both secure and easy to use.  All complexities associated with its advanced capabilities are made transparent to the user.  With PCA, no personal information is stored on the local device.  All information is stored on a secure professionally managed server.  This data architecture eliminates problems associated with data synchronization across multiple devices as well as problems associated with lost, stolen, or failed user devices. 

PCA's state-of-the-art PKI based data security architecture ensures that all user and system data is safe from both internal and external security threats including attacks from hackers, spyware, viruses and trojans.  The system's self-monitoring tamper evident software protection mechanism prevents modified or unauthorized software form being used or copied to other hardware.  User privacy is ensured by encrypting all user data with a password/encryption-key that is known only to the user.  Even the PCA system operator cannot read the subscribing user's personal data. 

PCA's  SecureTranzT platform provides the highest levels of security, data integrity, availability, and scalability.  The system provides true end-to-end PKI security across a distributed multi-tier Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).   Its PKI based security provides multi-factor access control, authentication, and data privacy as well as optional single sign-on (SSO) access to 3rd party services.  The security infrastructure is fully self-contained (i.e., no third party services are required) and is transparent to users and system operators.  The system supports a variety of optional 3rd party token, smartcard and biometric based authentication systems.  PCA security exceeds new federal online banking requirements for two-factor authentication.

PCA provides Financial Institutions, Commerce Service Providers, and enterprise businesses a secure and flexible information and transaction infrastructure.  It enables businesses to extend their relationship with their employees and customers while enhancing security and privacy, minimizing fraud, strengthening brand, and reducing operating costs.  PCA can be integrated into existing on-line banking, payment, and wireless infrastructures to enhance security and information services.  PCA's back-office suite includes Customer Management as well as System Monitoring and Management applications.  Its SecureTranzT platform enables business to rapidly develop and deploy new PKI enabled information and transaction services.



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